Worst Day of My Life

A day that changed my life forever.

Source: horrible car accident


Help me help myself

Screenshot_2015-12-23-00-06-05On June 9th  I was in my car about to park in front of my apartment when a drunk driver of a SUV struck me from behind. I had no control of my wheel as he pushed me into oncoming traffic. I had no reaction time then BOOM, BOOM I was struck head on with two vehicles from the oncoming cars. I remember shaking uncontrollably and felt pain throughout my body. I could hear my heartbeat pounding with pain and fear. I was scared to move. I saw the damage in front of me and thought to myself this isn’t happening. I was seconds away from my front door as my life before I knew it has changed forever.

A lady comes to my car door and asked me if I was OK. I told her to call 911 I’m hurt. I didn’t know at that moment what was wrong with me I just felt sharp pain throughout my body. People kept coming to my window telling me to sit on the curb, I told them I’m afraid to move. People then started to tell me not to move an ambulance is coming.

I hear sirens, all the people started to walk behind my car,then a police officer came to me and asked me my name. I told him I live across the street please get my husband. As he did what I asked I saw my husband Rick and my daughter Amanda who is 15 run across the street. My daughter screening mommy are you OK as she’s running to me. It took about 5 minutes for the ambulance to arrive and about a minute later a firetruck. The paramedic opened my door and placed a neck collar on me. A stretcher was next to him with a big orange board on it. One fireman is holding my head and the paramedic is supporting my legs as they lift me out of the car. They placed me on the orange board then onto the stretcher. I’m strapped in and can’t move, how uncomfortable I was and the pain in my back was unbelievable. I have my eyes on my family who’s standing there feeling helpless. I remember my husband asking someone who was driving the SUV. He sounded like he was going to kill someone. Lucky the police already had him in the police car. The man was intoxicated and detained him. My daughter was able to come in the ambulance with me. My husband followed in our other car. Me being straped to the board made the ride to the hospital horrible. The paramedics kept apologizing for hitting bumps in the road. Sirens are blazing. I could feel how fast he was driving. My daughter was answering all the paramedics questions about me.

We arrive at Our Lady of Lourdes in Camden NJ. They took me into a little room with curtains. The started to cut my clothes off me and putting all kinds of electrical stuff all over me. My blood pressure was high and they started a IV in my arm. I was off to a Cat scan. I was given pain medication. Then I await my results.

The doctor opens my curtains and asked me how I was feeling. I don’t remember what I said but I do remember him saying its the pain medicine talking. He told me he has the results from the cat scan. I have 3 herniated and bulging disk in my lumbar spine. Nerve damage, arthritis and spinal stenosis. I was admitted in the hospital for 3 days.

I saw doctor after doctor a physical therapist and went to pain management. My tolerance build up to pain medication real fast. Nothing was relieving the pain. I would get paralysis in both legs from time to time though it  doesn’t last but its scary when it happens. I had steroid injection that never helps either. My pain management doctor now wants me to see a surgeon to possibly remove the disks in my back. That’s where I’m at right now. I have no income and no one to help me with my 4 month old son if I get the surgery. My husband works nights and has to sleep in the day. We can’t afford him missing any time off of work. With me not receiving any income bills are piling up and I have to constantly reschedule my doctor appointments because I don’t have the money to pay the copay. Car insurance is not paying because our policy had lapsed at the time of the accident. I have to sue the drunk driver because he had no insurance either. I can’t even afford a lawyer just yet.

I started a go fund me page and a rally.org page. My family and friends have pulled through and as of today raised me 615.00 in 5 days. Since Christmas is in a few days I am able to give my kids a few presents each. I started this blog to get my campaign rolling hoping that a soft hearted person reading this can afford to help my fund. If that’s you my go fund me page is https://gofundme.com/gsandovalfund and my rally.org page is https://rally.org/f/54taqpqAWjY you can find the URL on my homepage.